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Skyline is an underground longwall mining complex that began production in 1981. The mining complex is located in Carbon County, UT approximately 5 miles southwest of Scofield, UT and approximately 30 miles northwest of Price, UT. The Skyline mine lies at a high elevation in the northern end of the Wasatch Plateau coalfield. Skyline has longwall and continuous miner reserves in the Lower O’Connor A seam in which it produces high-BTU, low-sulfur, compliance thermal coal.

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A panorama of an international city skyline can be one of many methods to make that recent trip an unforgettable one. Traditional photography only encompasses so much of the emotion of a city skyline picture, but a panoramic photo shows us so much more. These images capture a wide view of the skyline from these cities and immediately draw us into an experience even half a world away. The energy and excitement of these cities can be felt once more as if we are really there.