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Thorne is present when a young boy, Olly , tells the Night's Watch how a wildling raiding party massacred his village. Most black brothers want to seek revenge and send the wildlings a message, but Jon and Thorne know better: that is exactly what the wildlings want, to draw them out of Castle Black and fight them in the open. The black brothers are interrupted by two rangers returning, Grenn and Eddison Tollett, who have escaped the mutineers holed up at Craster's Keep. Upon learning that the mutineers are still at Craster's Keep, Jon claims that they must be captured or killed. Thorne initially refuses, but Jon claims that it is to stop the mutineers from revealing the truth of the Night's Watch's defenses to Mance Rayder's army if they are attacked, since Jon has previously exaggerated to Mance. Thorne has also given Sam a new derogatory nickname: "Sam the Slayer", disbelieving his claim that he killed a White Walker with a dragonglass dagger. [7]

Jabba kept an enormous, reptilian-humanoid creature as his champion gladiator in a spike-pit arena under his suite in the Mos Espa Grand Arena , where he used the beast to get rid of undesirable individuals in death matches for his own amusement. Upon learning that Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn needed peggats in order to bet on Anakin Skywalker in the Boonta Eve Classic podrace, Jabba lured Jinn to his arena, and offered him the money he needed if he could defeat his champion. Jinn was successful in killing the predator, and an impressed Jabba thanked the Jedi Master for "providing such worthy entertainment," rewarded him with 50 peggats and released him from the pit.

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The gestation pod containing the infant Primarch Lion El'Jonson that had been mysteriously teleported through the Warp from the Emperor's gene-laboratory beneath the Himalayan Mountains on Terra by the Ruinous Powers landed on the feudal Death World of Caliban . Caliban was a planet of immense forests inhabited by terrible, monstrous beasts mutated by the touch of Chaos in the centuries after the birth of the Chaos God Slaanesh due to the planet's proximity to the nearby Eye of Terror . Jonson managed to survive in the forests alone, living as a wild man far from civilisation.